What We Do

Modern Design provides digital and print marketing solutions for businesses and nonprofits of all sizes.

We Help You Grow Your Business

Modern Design builds custom, high impact, turnkey websites that capture attention and keep visitors onsite longer for better conversion rates.  Strategically designed and used in concert with other high end digital and print deliverables, your website can be the difference between a cold shoulder and a hot prospect.
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We Help You Reach Your Market

Modern Design delivers custom digital and print marketing strategies to help your business succeed.  Whether it’s maximizing your social media impact, crafting irresistible direct mail campaigns, developing engaging digital newsletters, or designing a world class website, Modern Design is here to listen, and to perform.
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We Help You Tell Your Story

Research shows that consumers engage more with visually-based content such as videos, photos, and infographics. Modern Design helps you tell your story through: high impact explainer videos that showcase your company’s products and services in a brief but entertaining format; Ken Burns-style videos that dive deeper into your company’s mission and product offerings; and infographics that reduce complicated processes to colorful and attractive charts and graphs.
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Popular Services

Video is on the rise.  Handheld devices have facilitated rapid creation and consumption of motion media; and while established networks like YouTube and Vimeo continue to expand, new social delivery systems like Vine and Ustream are already massive and growing.  Highly produced videos still have their place, but minimally produced, quick-cut storytelling is the trend.  Modern Design produces attention getting live-action and animated videos that get results.

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You’re Special, and We’re Telling Everybody

After assessing your company’s needs and goals, we determine the most effective means and appropriate mediums to reach your target market. Then we get to work developing a solid action plan to generate the sort of visibility you’ve been striving for.

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Is Your Social Network Driving New Business?

You have a variety of social media accounts, but most have remained dormant for months.  Sound familiar?  Everyone dreams of converting leads and stimulating sales through social media, but regularly maintaining multiple accounts can be a daunting task.  Modern Design offers unique solutions to make it easy.

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Modern Design delivers a complete array of digital and print marketing strategies.  The following is an incomplete list of services we offer.