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We’re here for one reason — to make you shine.  In a world where every day brings a new avalanche of banal marketing messages in the form of print ads, social ads, pop-ups, and unsolicited email, how does a business like yours — one that truly has something valuable to offer — reach its target audience? 

By rising above the din through compelling content, sparkling design, strategic timing, and pinpoint placement.

Modern Design has the knowledge, the experience, and the passion to make that happen. For you! We’d love to learn about your company’s marketing goals!
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Every website tells a story.  What does your website tell potential clients about your brand?
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Does your web presence match the quality of your goods and services?

Before picking up a phone, before sending an email, before driving past your business, chances are they’ve visited your website. More potential customers and clients will see your website than any other marketing tool — it remains the hub of all marketing activity.  So, does your current website accurately reflect the quality of your brand? Modern Design can transform your web presence.
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Stand Out in a Cookie Cutter World

Make Your Mark. Your prospective clients are searching for expertise, honesty, and value.  Properly used, streamlined mobile-first

Build A Big Picture Marketing Plan

If You Want Business Generation to Be Like Clockwork, Make Sure All Your Cogs Are in Place With the

Reach Your Audience Where They Live

This year, more than 70% of traffic to your website will come from mobile devices. Mobile

A wealth of experience in digital, print, and media marketing

For 25 years, Modern Design has been helping Minnesota businesses amplify visibility and boost sales conversions through high-level custom design and marketing strategies.

Are you ready to distinguish your business from the competition?
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