How do people learn about your business?  The best case scenario is word of mouth; but as loyal as they might be, you can’t rely on clients to pass the word along.  That’s where high-end website design, social media, email marketing, and print materials come in.  They are crucial to shaping your business’s public image, to paving the way for your sales force, and to establishing your brand among prospective customers so that, when the time comes, your business is top of mind. Modern Design has been helping small and mid-size businesses for more than 20 years.  We have the knowledge, experience, and creativity to take you where you want to go.

In skilled hands, design and marketing are an art form.
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What We Do

We help businesses and non-profits of all sizes to find creative and cost-effective solutions to their marketing challenges.  Depending on needs, we work on a per-project basis, function as an off-site marketing department, or enhance the effectiveness of internal marketing departments through consulting, design, and project management.


Custom Tailored to Your Needs

The world is  increasingly visual. During the Mad Men era, advertising and marketing materials tended to be text-heavy

Big Picture Marketing Strategy

Until recently, most websites were simple, standalone online marketing tools. With the ascendancy of social, that’s no

Reach Your Audience Where They Live

This year, more than 70% of traffic to your website will come from mobile devices. And

A wealth of experience in digital, print, and media marketing

Modern Design has been creating award-winning print, web, and media materials for 30 years. We know what goes into building a brand from the ground up — employing emerging technologies and tried-and-true techniques as best suited to the challenge. Want to take your marketing to the next level?  Let’s talk!

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Recent Projects

A few recently developed websites.